How I Grew My Practice By More Than 6 Figures in Less Than One Year, Had 90% Conversions, Collected All Cash, Had More Freedom in My Life and Loved Every Second of Doing It
(WITHOUT Changing Practice Management or Any Other Office Systems and Protocols)
I could either give up and settle for less than what I knew was my absolute potential...
Or rise to the occasion and find a way to grow my business WITHOUT the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and lack of freedom
Thankfully, I chose option #2.

And I started reimagining the way practice had traditionally been done.

I started turning to mentors OUTSIDE of the chiropractic profession to help me rediscover the secrets to building a business that forever changed my life.

For people like us, there can be a radically different way of practicing that isn’t dependent on any system/practice management.

And here's why 99% of practices are struggling and performing far below their potential.

Simply put, they're doing what everyone else has always been doing with no real way to differentiate themselves.
In reality, there are a specific set of strategies that can quickly be implemented into ANY practice where…

…New patients would never be a worry again

….Increasing collections is easy simply through retention of your BEST patients (Which by the way would actually bring you more of the right patients which stay with you longer)...
…Dealing with insurance companies and filling out all of the insurance paperwork would be a thing of the past, meaning more time with family and doing what you love…
What we dreamt of having in chiropractic school is actually a reality… 

Long story short...
…Make more money...
…Spend less time chasing people...
…Bring in more ideal patients and keep them longer so that you love every second of what you do...
…Ditch the insurance game...
...Feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in what you get to do as a chiropractor.
You and me, we were destined for more.
And the time is now to cut some of those things loose...
Today you have the opportunity to experience the type of results you and I were destined for.


The Nexus Method On Demand.

      The Nexus Method On Demand is a series of online training modules designed to supercharge your office, your office retention, increase your collections, and give you time and freedom again.
      With The Nexus Method you’re given access to my entire proven marketing/sales/fulfillment systems that I’ve used for over the last 3 years to make practice more fun and as easy as possible that can:

      • Be used inside of ANY practice management system you're currently using.
      • Be implemented in less than a week.
      • ​Begin to bring you the joy of practice that we’ve all been pursuing since before we officially got our Doctorates.
      • ​Bring your office to a place where you charge more than anyone else in your area
      • ​Be used to eliminate your accounts receivable so that you NEVER have to wait for a payment again
      I’m doing a first time ever online version of the course I’ve been building using the proven strategies inside my office for the last 3 ½ years.
      • Showing you exactly what techniques I’ve used to successfully add more than six figures in revenue to my practice within one year without bringing in more new clients or adding any new services
      • Revealing the simple, science-backed principles that lead to 90% conversions without any hard-selling or cheesy sales tactics.
      • ​Giving you exactly what you need to build YOUR dream practice with dream clients without changing your current office systems/protocols.
      And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

      This is the EXACT same content I'm currently charging $6,000 for with doctors all over the US. 

      The only difference is that these modules are meant to be done at your own pace, without my direct help and implementation.

      You'll have LIFETIME access to the trainings and all of the resources inside.

      All you have to do is click the button below and to jump in on this brand-new opportunity.
      That’s certainly the choice I would make if I were you.

      You could also choose not to invest in yourself, your practice and your clients through The Nexus Method, and keep going through the motions exactly as you are today.

      If that’s what you want, then I support you 100%.

      And perhaps you’d rather spend the numerous years it took me to figure this stuff out on your own instead of collapsing time and solving the problems that exist now and the problems you don’t even know will exist later.

      What I know is this: we are where we want to be and the trajectory of our success is based on our willingness to go all in.

      The Nexus Method I’ve shared with you today is the roadmap to get you there, and I’m grateful that you allowed me to share it with you today.

      Love and Appreciate YOU,

      Dr. Daniel C Kimbley
      Owner, Nexus Family Chiropractic
      Founder, The Nexus Method
      Creator, The Nexus Podcast
      What Do My Clients Say?

      Dr. Dan--Chagrin Falls, OH

      Collected an additional $100k in revenue in 2022, plus more family and personal freedom.

      Dr. Favorite--Oklahoma City, OK

      13 years into practice having as much FUN in practice that he ever has and getting people under care with EASE.

      Dr Paul--Royse City, TX

      25 years into practice and growing like never before, plus having certainty and confidence
      I have a passion for seeing my clients and our profession THRIVE.  What I've learned over the last 4+ years of training and implementation set me up for success from day one.  Things I never learned in school, in clubs, or from mentors.   It has nothing to do with your technique, and it can be used with any groups you're already affiliated with.
      • Generated $125K $150K in revenue: all cash, first 12 months in practice
      • ​Helped multiple chiros just like you increase revenue by over $100k in less than 90 days.
      • Voted Best Chiropractor 4x: in a community of less than 35,000 people with established chiropractors already practicing from 8-15 years
      • Best Professional Service: awarded through the Dana Point Chamber of Commerce in 2018
      • Total Lifetime Revenue: $1.5M+ all cash
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